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We're an affiliate marketing company focused on the esports community.

Our Manifesto

Three simple characteristics that define what our products stand for.

  • Create Value

    All our content must be considered valuable by the bettor. No filler content, no unnecessary complexity and certainly no spam.
    We strive to build products that present the bettor with easily consumed, helpful and interesting content.

  • Be Tranparant

    In order to provide our products for free to the bettor, we rely on affiliate marketing as our primary business model.
    It is important that the bettor, when using our products, is aware and accepting of these partnerships.

  • Stay Neutral

    To guarantee the bettor an objective recommendation, we rely entirely on the community to review our partners. Our writers only publish cold hard facts about the brands we work with, never any subjective content.

Our Partners

We work with a wide variety of leading bookmakers and casinos.

  • Pinnacle
  • GG.Bet
  • EGB
  • Unirkn
  • Betway